Amazing Ideas for Making Bird Crafts for Kids

Most kids love birds. The animal is friendly, beautiful and their songs make them adorable. So how about making bird craft for your children? Let us see some handmade tips for family bird craft in summer.

Bird nest collage

Bird nest collage

Kids of all ages can enjoy this delightful bird nest. The youngest can take charge in making pre-cut and decorating the paper plate. Adding beaks and wiggle eyes is easy hence suitable for children of young age.

Birds nest crafts

Birds nest crafts

Crafting a bird nest involves the use of cupboards, paper plates and tissue paper to produce a simple and fun craft for kids. If it is Easter holiday, you can add eggs to bring up Easter theme.

Clay bird craft

Kids can make beautiful clay birds with the following ingredients: air drying clay, ceramic pens, ribbons and embellishments. They can be used to hang on Christmas tree or other fun activities.


Cup and ball owl

With a paper ball and paper, cup kids can make a cute owl put out on display. It involves painting, colouring, sticking and cutting which is fun for kids.

Cupcake case collage cockatoo

With supervision and practise, your kids could become masters in making a beautiful cockatoo. All they need are few pieces of paper and some cupcakes cases.

Cupcake case dove collage.

Doves are cute, and your kids could enjoy making some. Avail some cupcake cases and glue and give them the instructions. It is one craft that kids get fast and leave less mess behind.

Cupcake Owl collage

Owl might be scary to adults due to the superstitions surrounding their presence. However, kids love the bird’s huge eyes and making the bird is thrilling. All you need is cupcake cases and instructions.

Fabrics bird craft

Fabrics bird craft

Sewing is fun and more fun when it’s meant to make a bird craft. The result is a beautiful bird craft that is perfect for gifts to the favourite teacher or grandmother.

Lovebird craft

So how about your kids making something for their mum and dad during Valentine’s Day. Making this craft is better as a class activity. By the end of the learning lesson the class will be filled with gorgeous lovebirds and kid swill be eager to present them to their parents.

Making bird crafts is fun but involving. Kids should have snacks as they read instruction and make the crafts. The best way to keep them full is using bird cake. It matches the activity.