How Does Recycling Help the Environment?


We often hear that waste recycling is beneficial to the environment, but getting recycling programs up and running requires a number of resources. Also, waste removal and recycling requires the participation and cooperation of the public. It’s important to know if the effort is actually worth it. Recycling is helpful to the environment because it reduces the need to mine and drill, it lowers greenhouse gas emissions, and it reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. How does it do that?

When you recycle, you’re reducing the need to mine for metals and other non-renewable resources. Think for a moment about how much metal you use every day. Your appliances, car, phone, computer, watch, jewelry, foil, soda cans, doorknobs, zippers, and so on. All of that metal has to be mined. Some of it is plentiful, some of it is rare. The metals in devices like computers are particularly rare. If you do a rubbish clearance at home you will find out that you have a lot of e-waste. By recycling our electronics or e-waste we increase our supply of these metals so that we don’t run out and we don’t have to do as much mining. Mining for resources disturbs the environment because of the land that has to be cleared. It also releases greenhouse gases because of the equipment used to mine and ship the resources for processing.

Oil-based products like plastics and motor oil can be recycled reducing our need to drill for oil. Reliance on oil has negative consequences for the environment. It can lead to oil spills which are toxic to many life forms including humans.

Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Because you don’t have to drill or mine for all new material it’s easier to start with recycled material. Some greenhouse gases are released in the process of making new products from recycled materials, but not as much as you would have if you had to mine or drill for raw material. That is why you need to separate your rubbish when dealing with waste disposal.

Recycling also reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. If the waste stays out of landfills we won’t have to mine for it in landfills later. That is a process called urban mining. Also, landfills are not very good for the environment. The fewer we have and the smaller they are, the better. If our landfills are smaller it reduces the chance that they will leak and endanger any groundwater, although they aren’t supposed to be near any significant groundwater. That is why we need to organize rubbish removal in an eco-friendly and efficient way.

By putting forth a little extra effort to recycle instead of just throwing things away, we’re helping our environment. We’re reducing the need to mine and drill as well as reducing the size of landfills. We can encourage companies to use recycled material by purchasing items made with recycled material. We can also buy things that use very little packaging. That means that there’s less need to recycle, but that also means that the manufacturer is being responsible. Remember the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. Buy things with as little packaging as possible, Reuse what you can, and then recycle whatever is left. That way we can live more sustainably. Eco-friendly waste clearance is the way to go if we want to live in a cleaner environment.